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Re: Petite Mount

>My friend had one one these 13.3 hand ponies-part Arab/poa or app.  Had the
>best feet the farrier ever saw and had no trouble keeping up with the big
>horses.  Surefooted as anything-did some 50 mile rides with no shoes and got
>a best condition.  In my opinion. some of these little horse/ponies are
>tougher than the bigger horses

I've got an Arab/Welsh cross mare that stands 13.3 1/2h.  Darby has been
doing arena work (dressage basics) for the last year and a half and just
did her first LD ride a week ago after only having been out on the trails
about 6-8 times.  She's got better strides than a lot of horses, plows
right thru or over anything, takes up your leg so you don't look too large
(full sized adults ride her), has good sized bone (even tho it isn't
delicate pony bone, we're still taking every bit of caution on
strengthening her bone), and great feet...and a very competitive, "let's
GO" personality.  We're constantly impressed with her abilities.  She
should be doing 50s by next season...needs a bit more condition and is
still a bit too fat so we're taking it slowly...but we have no doubt that
she will be one *very* tough little horse and can't wait to see what she'll
accomplish in the's to PONY POWER!!

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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