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Fwd: RE: [arab-l] NM Fire

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Subject: RE: [arab-l] NM Fire

The Fair Grounds in Albuquerque and the race track near Santa Fe took in
horses and other large livestock and provided caretakers.  This was in
addition to many persons who provided space for animals at their own
homes/ranches.  The people here in New Mexico have gone all out to help the

Our television and radio stations kept everyone informed 24 hours a day and
spear-headed relief efforts.  The local Red Cross was overwhelmed:  New
Mexico is not prone to disasters, so there was not much already on hand in
the way of relief supplies.

Presently the fire threatens the beautiful, historic, and culturally
sensitive lands of Santa Clara Pueblo.  Winds are due to increase
dramatically tomorrow, so the last couple of days have been spent in trying
to contain the fire, for if it gets out of control on Santa Clara, it can
again threaten more heavily populated areas.

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