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Re: Trailer weight

Ed and Wendy,
Do you remember what the signs were?  I took the truck to an exhaust
specialist and he thought that the catalytic converter and the exhaust
system in general were fine.  Next step, the fuel pump--HOWEVER, it's a 460
with a 410 axle ratio and, yeah, drops to 15-25 mph with the pedal to the
metal, as it were.  I'm also going to try it without the snow tires, in case
that could have some effect.

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Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 7:11 AM
Subject: Re: Trailer weight

> Assuming that the automatic is functioning properly, that you have a 460
> and  that the foot feed was clear to the floor, you should have been in
> gear and perhaps 25 or 30 mph at least.
> The truck was checked out, but did the mechanic check for a plugged
> catalytic converter?  My dealer missed that on my '89 F250 with 460 V8
> the power robbing back pressure blew an exhaust manifold gasket.  I was
> lucky that the valves didn't burn.  By the way the replacement of a
> catalytic converter is a bit spendy, but has to be done if the truck is
> going to be used.
> Ed and Wendy Hauser
> 1140 37th St.
> Hudson, WI 54016

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