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I'm still looking for a (prefer used) van powerful enough to tow my 2-horse
bumper-pull stock trailer over long grades.  Would like some kind of
traction control if 4wd not available.  Local dealers of all brands have
been less than helpful, offering me six cylinders, etc...just about
clueless.  The Net sites have not been particularly knowledgeable on the
towing capacities either.  My object: a basic vehicle that can do double
duty as ordinary transportation when I'm not towing a trailer and camping in
it.  Need to tote my little old mother on a vacation or two, and my pickup
just isn't comfy enough for her--want to put in a bed and a portapotty so
she can relax when she needs to without my detouring terribly often.  Do not
want a motorhome--too limited in scope, too expensive, and I've heard they
have a dismal record for reliability.   Anyone have performance data and/or
experience in re van engines, transmissions, make/model and years?  

Sally in Floyd, VA

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