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Those Dang Viruses!!!

The saga began when I couldn't log on to the internet (serious withdrawal 
symptoms were imminent).  Then a couple of my friends called me and asked me 
about some pictures that I had e-mailed them.  (huh?  I haven't figured out 
how to use the scanner, so e-mailing pictures is out of the question).  
Shortly I realised that I had the cyber-space equivalent of a giant green 
thing in my teeth -- the dreaded VIRUS.  Joy of joys, my computer was merrily 
sending this thing out to all my "friends".  I initially thought that it was 
going to everybody in my address book, but it turns out that only my "buddy 
list" people were getting this little gem.  I was all set to take my computer 
in to the local computer doctor when my 15 year old son offered to give it a 
shot.  He fixed the whole thing for the price of a new pair of board shorts 
(my reward for his great work :)  Bottom line, if any of you get a message 
with the words "Hey You" on it, delete that bad boy.  Also, the attachments 
are called -- don't open them!  I have the printout from McAfee if 
anybody needs it.  This was a total pain in the rear and I now have about 400 
e-mails to delete before I can get back to normal.  

Sylvia (I did miss you guys though :)

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