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Re: Trailer floors

What kind of wood are you replacing the floor with?  If you can find apatong
(not sure of the spelling) it makes the best floors.  It is one of the
hardest woods available.  You can also have the spray stuff like Rhino liner
or Line X sprayed on your new floor.  It will last forever.  It is the stuff
that gets sprayed into pickup trucks as a liner.  I have it in my new truck
and it is really great stuff.  My saddle tree is also sprayed with it.  The
pommel is uncovered so the Line X shows on the pommel.  It looks pretty good
and I dont have to worry about getting the leather skinned up on the pommel.
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From: Dave n Deb Stoppkotte <>
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Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 3:00 PM
Subject: RC: Trailer floors

>We are replacing our "old" trailer floor this spring - planning to use
>for floor, then cover with mats.  Any good hints, tips, wisedom to pass on
>would be appreciated.  We have been told to treat the wood with used car
>oil - Any comments on that.  We plan to seal the wood really well; but
>probably not with used car oil.  Thanks.  Also want to thank everyone for
>their input on the electric fencing.  We are still researching but leaning
>towards ElectroBraid due to the high winds we get out here on the prairie.
>Debi in Illinois
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