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RE: Trailer floors

Deb wrote:
<<We are replacing our "old" trailer floor this spring - planning to use
for floor, then cover with mats.  Any good hints, tips, wisedom to pass on
would be appreciated.  We have been told to treat the wood with used car
oil - Any comments on that.  We plan to seal the wood really well; but
probably not with used car oil.  >>

Well, here is something I never saw before.  We bought a used stock trailer
that was halfway to being converted to a 3 horse slant.  I was worried that
the floor seemed a little flexy.  So we pulled up the mats and the floor
boards are made of 2x6 shaped solid rubber!  Yeah they are a little flexible
(which the horses do notice) but they are never going to rot!  Has anyone
seen anything like this?


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