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I see how all y'all get your broken bones!!!

>Has anybody ever tried sacking out any of these horses you ride?  Sounds
likesome of 'em are pretty spooky!That was a great description of a colt
depositing the trainer in the "crick"(up here >in McManus country,
y'understand).  Whew!  Horse-eatingsponge-monsters swimming down the
crick!  (I have a >great cartoon in my mind>now....will have to work on

Ha! Sacking out my rear end... I've spent hours just getting them used to
swinging it, dropping it in a bucket, letting it go around their legs,
etc, but then the first time I threw it into a red clay mudhole, it went
beneath the surface, and then *exploded* back up to my hand (hey, I've
got that flick of the wrist thing down!* I had a really laid back Arab
backing down the trail at 20 mph (or 200 bpm for those who prefer heart

I can tell you practically everything not to do, since I've done it all
at least once.  For instance, during the above situation I learned to
train the horse without the wrist loop on.  If you guys need the whole
story, I could print my sponge story, but it's about 1800 words, a little
long for ridecamp.  I've had lots of people tell me it was their all time
favorite.  Mine too...I sold it twice. >g<


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