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I see how all y'all get your broken bones!!!

Have to wipe coffee off my computer screen in a minute, here...*grin*

That was a great description of a colt depositing the trainer in the "crick"
(up here in McManus country, y'understand).  Whew!  Horse-eating
sponge-monsters swimming down the crick!  (I have a great cartoon in my mind
now....will have to work on that.)

Has anybody ever tried sacking out any of these horses you ride?  Sounds like
some of 'em are pretty spooky!  Now I realize that even a seasoned horse can be
caught off guard, and I've seen some wrecks over "surprise" items dropped on
the ground from horseback...

In fact, I'm gonna be sure and work on this with my horse.  Riding about with
my fisherman's vest full of my cell phone, my camera, lunch, horse goodies,
it's hard telling what kind of missiles could launch themself out of a pocket
and hit the ground in front of my horse.

Not to mention, this is heavy grouse country and have you ever had one of THOSE
blast out from under your horse's nose.  That's a heart stopper.

Jan Musick

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt, and
Dance like nobody's watching.

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