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Re:RC: I made a decision w. all your help - THANK YOU

Same here.  I've always told people when asked that one of the best things for a
distance horse to learn is to go in any type of trailer since you never know
when you may have to be hauled back to camp.  But I don't think I've ever had
Akela in a slant.  I really doubt it would be a problem, however.  He followed
me into the building where I work when I asked him so I doubt any trailer would
affect him at all!  I work in a nursing/retirement home and they wanted him in
the courtyard so we walked through the building to get there.  The furniture
seemed to confuse him but other than that he acted like it was  business as

Mickie and Akela (hey, they give me cookies so I don't care)

superpat wrote:

> the dividers are closed and doors closed is such a big deal? Of all the
> groups of horse people, I would think that endurance riders would have the
> proper training of their horses to travel safely would be a major priority.
> That said, I had better borrow a two horse straight load and train my horses
> to load. It would be mighty embarrassing to have one of my horses make a
> fuss if asked to load into one.
> Pat Super
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