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RE: Who Rides with Broken Ribs

I too have broken ribs, & clavicle. Didn't"t ride for 4 weeks for the ribs, and 10 weeks for the clavicle.
Last weekend on the NJTRA Bunny Hop we encountered two backpacking girls.  The back packs were the over sized 1 foot above their heads variety.  When we spoke to them and asked them to please talk to us and maybe not move around to much, they took them off and dropped them to the ground without saying a word. Of course my mare was sure that they were bears dropping out of the trees and with head up, eyes rolled, did a 180 and gave me flying lessens again. I failed (again). and did a face plant in the sand. Thank goodness nothing broke this time. This was at the end of the ride and I knew for sure she wasn't tired. I think that if I could have kept her head down it might not have been so traumatic/dramatic.  I have her in a hackamore, the kind with the flat cheeks and fleece noseband.(Don't know what you call it.) I am thinking of using a running martingale with it.  Has anyone out there used this combination and if so how does it work for you?
Thanks for your help.
Carolyn Harris
Adil - Gosh Mom I'll get you some wings.
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I need stories from all of you who have broken ribs in the past.  We all know that unless our Doctor rides horses they do not know as well as we when we can start to ride again. 
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