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Re: RC: I see how all y'all get your broken bones!!!

In a message dated 04/04/2000 12:37:26 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Has anybody ever tried sacking out any of these horses you ride?  Sounds 
 some of 'em are pretty spooky!  Now I realize that even a seasoned horse can 
 caught off guard, and I've seen some wrecks over "surprise" items dropped on
 the ground from horseback... >>

This was a 4 year old and yes, he had been sacked out and was going well.  
But a 4 year old has a trememdous imagination .....  I consider it par for 
the course, at least for an Arab.  I'm not worried now, he's almost 6 and he 
has a great mind plus a very willing "try to please" attitude.  That sponge 
just caught him off guard.  


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