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overheating truck-funny!

All this talk about trucks pulling trailers made me think of a funny story
that happened to my mom and I.  It was on our way back from a ride quite a
few years ago, and it was the first ride of the season.  Well, coming over
the pass between Idaho and Montana (big pass), out truck was borderline
overheating -- we had to go really slowly and baby it up to the top,
holding our breaths the whole time.  Well, we made it to the top and as we
looked at each other with big grins we saw something that made us laugh
(albeit, a little nervously!!).  At the top of the pass on the other side
of the interstate was a truck and trailer pulled to the side of the road. 
There was nobody to be seen and the trailer door had been haphazardly flung
open (we assumed!).  The truck was completely burnt and all the tires from
the truck and trailer had melted into rivers of rubber, winding its way
across the interstate!  Apparently "they" had an overheating problem on the
pass, as well!! <bg>  

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