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poker ride

Can't imagine what would be dangerous about a poker ride, unless violence ya'll really settle all card games with gunfights like on TV?

We've had them here.  You pay $5 to buy a "hand" you can buy more than
one hand, but had to keep them seperate, no mix and matching, they're
numbered with your entry number on the cards as you get them.  

The first dealer is in camp.  You reach in a bag and grab a card. There's
3 dealers distributed around the course (very bored) and when you get to
them you draw another card.  Then your last card is when you return.  The
best hand wins a percentage of the total take.

Our biggest problems were:  1.  None of us had played much poker.  It
gets pretty complicated understanding which hands beat which when nobody
plays anything but Rook around here.  Finally found an old coot who
claimed he knew and it still took us forever.

2.  Some of the dealers didn't have the sense to take along plenty of
food and water.  It's best not to just drop them off out there with no
way to get back.  We stationed one girl where she was getting covered
with ticks.

3.  Never underestimate how slow 1400 lb. Quarter Horses on "00" feet,
with very old people on them can go.  I met a couple as I was coming in
on the 10 mile loop and the old man was really ticked off.  He warned me
not to go out there...this loop was much longer than 10 miles.  I had to
tell him that actually, it wasn't, and I was headed around the second
time. >g<

We did pretty well on the poker ride as I recalled.  The pleasure riders
seemed a little baffled by the idea of marking the trail with flagging
and not riding as one huge group, but I think they liked it once they got
used to it.


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