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RC: Re: High Standards on the TRAIL

We can save a WHOLE lot of money by marking the mares and geldings.  <G>

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
Cairo, Egypt

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> Our CTR oganization requires that stallions have yellow ribbons and
> known kickers have red ribbons.  This is usually mentioned in the ride
> briefing, or at least at the rookies meeting.  It does help, because
> people tend not to run up on top of you.  I have also tied yelow ribbons
> on my buckets, since with CTR ride management takes your water buckets
> out for you, so that maybe they will not put the stallion right in the
> middle of the action.  Every little bit helps.  I also bought some
> yellow buckets, but I haven't taken him anywhere this ride season, so it
> didn't get field tested.  I figured if I write stallion on them, other
> riders will also be aware.
> Carol in FL
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