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Re: Re: Re: Fwd: RC: I made a decision w. all your help - THANK YOU

> >
> You got that one right, Karen. The operant word here is *TRAIN*
> Why do I get the feeling from most of the posts on this subject that
> training the horse to step calmly into the trailer and wait patiently
> the dividers are closed and doors closed is such a big deal? Of all the
> groups of horse people, I would think that endurance riders would have the
> proper training of their horses to travel safely would be a major
> Come on, folks> Pat Super
Right, and I forgot the most important part about loading-you need the
attitude and body language that tells the horse is is GOING TO GET INTO THE
I see a lot of people fussing around nervously becuase they are not sure if
the horse is going to cause a problem.......of course it will.


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