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Re: Re: Backing out of slant's

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From: "Drin & Jim Becker" <>

> ">
> Suzanne, what works for me is to never allow the horse to back out.  In
> slants and stock trailers, there is pleanty of room for the horse to turn
> around.  Mine are trained to wait quietly while I untie or unsnap them,
> then "
> Sorry but you are wrong in this statement , there is not room to turn a
> horse around in a two horse slant with the rear tack .No way in the last
> slot and only if it were a pony in the front slot because of the divider .
This was exactly my other point-those slants with back tacks and dividers
DANGEROUS.  I have seen and heard of people getting squished in that narrow
space.  Other problem I see all this time with those is not enough


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