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Re: RC: I made a decision w. all your help - THANKYOU

Yeah, that sounds good in theory, but I do have the optional rear tack and
use it so there is no huge door that I could theoretically beat the horse
out of.  If the horse is not tied in and decides to leave while I'm trying
to close the partitions, I either get wedged behind the partition or get a
severe case of contention over a critical section of trailer space while we
both try to get out of the door at the same time.  I don't see why a tied
horse that has experience being tied is more of a potential wreck than
trying to close the partition on a horse that is loose and hence free to
push back and run over you to exit the trailer.  At least I can exit with
haste and not have the horse on top of me.

Just my $.02.  I'm probably wrong about this.

m (aka Michelle Fink)

----- Original Message -----
> writes:
> <<  Sure I can send the horse in,
>  but I still would have to go in and close the divider, which I would
>  do after the horse is tied in (so I don't get ran over). >>

From: <>
> Tying the horse prior to closing the divider is a good way to have a wreck
> he sets back.  Send the horse in, go in and close the divider, and THEN
> him.  If he starts to move back, you are only two horse-widths away from
> HUGE door!

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