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RE: When human ligaments tear...

I lost - completely tore apart - my left ACL and had to get my medial
collateral stapled in a skiing accident many years ago.  The surgery
techniques have greatly improved since then.  I spent 6 weeks in a cast, and
had to undergo 3 months of excruciatingly painful physical therapy
afterwards to break all the scar tissue from being in a cast that long.
They don't put the knee in a cast like that anymore because of the scarring,
so count yourself lucky.  I did this before I had a horse, so I can't really
tell you my experience with rehab and ride conditioning.  But I can tell you
that even with the missing ACL in my left knee, I have very little problems
with it.  The only time I even get a hint of a possible problem, is when I
am running along side my horse going downhill.

But be very careful - your knee is probably very unstable.  I wouldn't want
to be in a remote area and have my knee pop out.  I suggest you just grin
and bear it and get your surgery over with.  Like you said, you are young,
and you will have many good years to ride.  Not taking care of it early may
mean more problems later.  Good luck.

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Greetings Ridecampers!

This past week skiing I tore my right anterior cruciate ligament
ligament going over the knee and attaching the tibia to the femur).
prognosis is three weeks on crutches, two months before any light
I'm beginning rehab, which if I am aggressive with it, should put me in
saddle sooner.  Surgery is in my future as this is non-regenerative and
I am
way too young to be popping my knee out every whipstitch.

I did this less than a week ago and I can already walk without crutches.
am thinking perhaps I had the worst case scenario painted for me.  Has
else experienced this type of ligament tear, and how long did it take
your knee was strong enough to ride and condition?  Am I in for big
if I try to put this surgery off till the fall?  Thanks for any help.

Kristi in Maryland

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