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Re: RC: Tether systems/safety

In a message dated 3/27/00 5:22:58 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<< Call me a pessimist, but one thing I do know for
 fact is that horses can hurt themselves even under
 the best of circumstances, so if we are aware of
 all the potential hazards, and we can alleviate
 some of them, perhaps we'll up the odds! >>

Good points.  The way these Tralor Ties are made, the horse can't (ha, hope 
my horse reads this) get hung up on the trailer.  They are tied far enough 
away that their muzzle can reach the trailer, but not the halter (at least 
that's how it works on my Logan trailer).  Granted, they could stick a leg 
under the trailer and do serious damage, but they could stick their leg under 
stuff at home too.  Doesn't seem any riskier to me than any time a horse 
rolls.  check these things out at the next ride you go to -- they are amazing 
(sheez, I wish I was on commission).


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