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Re: Lyme Aftemath?

Dear Beth and Cidney
The lyme involves the muscular skeletal in stage 1 characterised by
profound fatigue and lethargia also in stage 2 would have neurological
seqiuealle and stage 3 cardiac and arthritis.
note in Rx should be for at least 10 days 
and if reoccur as in beth case that occurs in 30% of cases then treatment
should be for at least 30 days either parentral or oral best is
tetracycline or doxy cycline.
note that 50% of treatment lymes individual would have symptoms of fatique
and leathargy for months.....Months after the infections.....
would be nice to treat your horse again for long time plus cardiac EKG if
> From: Beth Glace <>
> To: C Eyler <>
> Cc:
> Subject: RC:   Lyme Aftemath?
> Date: 27 γΗΡΣ, 2000 08:44 Υ
> Hi Cindy,
> I was interested to see your message since I was just about to repost 
> to ridecamp to give an update of my ongoing saga with Lyme disease.  
> Briefly, Klassy had was dx with Lyme last March, and received 3 
> courses of oral antibiotics.  Her titer dropped from 440 or so to 110 
> by last September.  We had done lots of longing and line driving her 
> last summer, and slowly returned to riding by September. She has been 
> ridden very consistently 3-4 days per week since that time, maybe 
> working 3 hours weekly on average, rain or shine.   I've noticed that 
> she is getting quite winded lately.  This is not something that 
> happened pre Lyme.  I just had her titer redrawn and it is back up to 
> 300, indicating that the infection is still active, or that she is 
> reinfected.  AAHHHHH!!! I can't say that the Lyme is causing her 
> fatigue, but I have to suspect that it is contributing to her 
> limitation.  Either she has deconditioned significantly or it is the 
> Lyme; since her work has been so consistent [50:50 walk:trot during 
> our rides for the last 6 months], I think the Lyme is slowing her 
> AGAIN.  For those with horses dx with Lyme, it seems to be very 
> important to keep retesting them even after the titer has fallen.  We 
> will put her back on another course of antibiotics this week and hope 
> for the best.
> Good luck Cindy, and let me now how things progress,
> Beth 
> > My concern is that he is STILL huffing and puffing during those brief
> > or when climbing steep hills.  Can't remember him ever being this
> > short-winded (no other signs of respiratory problems).  I've had this
> > for over three years, and he just seems not quite right to me.  But
> > he'd never had such a long layoff before.
> > 
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