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RE: RE: Lyme Aftemath?

Hi Bonnie,

Yes, my vet also thinks he may have been too conservative in the anti-biotic
treatment he delivered/prescribed.

Regarding probiotics:  I asked whether I should give Jack some during
treatment.  Was told that it would probably not be necessary unless he
developed loose stools.  I was to call immediately at the first sign of
diarrhea.  Late during the period when he was getting oral meds, I asked
about riding.  Was told it would be okay if done very lightly, so as not to
stress Jack's immune system.  After that ride, Jack dropped the only cow pat
I've ever seen from him.  Gave him some ABC pro-bios, and there was no

Thanks for your note.


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> From: Snodgrass, Bonnie []
> Sent: Monday, March 27, 2000 11:09 AM
> To: ''; C Eyler
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> Subject: RC: RE: Lyme Aftemath?
> Just some food for thought:
> A friend's horse was diagnosed with Lyme disease. My friend is a
> pharmacist.
> Her brother has a chronic case of Lyme disease which has proven to be
> resistent to every form of treatment under the sun. He appears to improve
> then relapses once he's off antibiotics. He now has permanent disabilities
> from the disease. He was originally misdiagnosed so treatment was delayed
> for a long time. My friend has done a great deal of research into the
> disease and treatments for it. When her horse was diagnosed with Lyme
> disease the vet prescribed a short treatment with antibiotics.
> Pam had found
> thru research that antibiotics frequently are not given over a long enough
> period and at too low of a level so the disease is not completely arrested
> and the symptoms return. So her horse was put on a 3 month treatment (not
> the 3 week course originally recommended by the vet) after much discussion
> back and forth. Another problem is keeping the level of medication
> consistently high enough in the horse's system. Her horse's
> medication level
> was increased after a short period. I believe she insisted on a blood test
> to check the medication levels?
> Her horse did recover but developed gastrointestinal problems
> because of the
> prolonged antibiotics. ABC Pro-Bio helped him with that problem but he
> probably would have benefited from being on it from the start rather than
> after the fact.
> I recently read in either Equss or The Horse magazine a
> interesting article
> about a research project involving EPM  treatment. Non-EPM horses
> given the
> typical medication course for EPM will often display the same physical
> "syptoms" as EPM even though they are perfectly healthy horses. The
> medication is evidently hard on the horses system and causes real physical
> problems. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. More to think about.
> Bonnie Snodgrass
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> From: Beth Glace []
> Sent: Monday, March 27, 2000 6:45 AM
> To: C Eyler
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> Subject: RC: Lyme Aftemath?
> Hi Cindy,
> I was interested to see your message since I was just about to repost
> to ridecamp to give an update of my ongoing saga with Lyme disease.
> Briefly, Klassy had was dx with Lyme last March, and received 3
> courses of oral antibiotics.  Her titer dropped from 440 or so to 110
> by last September.  We had done lots of longing and line driving her
> last summer, and slowly returned to riding by September. She has been
> ridden very consistently 3-4 days per week since that time, maybe
> working 3 hours weekly on average, rain or shine.   I've noticed that
> she is getting quite winded lately.  This is not something that
> happened pre Lyme.  I just had her titer redrawn and it is back up to
> 300, indicating that the infection is still active, or that she is
> reinfected.  AAHHHHH!!! I can't say that the Lyme is causing her
> fatigue, but I have to suspect that it is contributing to her
> limitation.  Either she has deconditioned significantly or it is the
> Lyme; since her work has been so consistent [50:50 walk:trot during
> our rides for the last 6 months], I think the Lyme is slowing her
> AGAIN.  For those with horses dx with Lyme, it seems to be very
> important to keep retesting them even after the titer has fallen.  We
> will put her back on another course of antibiotics this week and hope
> for the best.
> Good luck Cindy, and let me now how things progress,
> Beth
> > My concern is that he is STILL huffing and puffing during those brief
> trots
> > or when climbing steep hills.  Can't remember him ever being this
> > short-winded (no other signs of respiratory problems).  I've had this
> horse
> > for over three years, and he just seems not quite right to me.
> But then,
> > he'd never had such a long layoff before.
> >
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