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Fwd: RC: I made a decision w. all your help - THANK YOU

I am interested in why peopel don't like teh snalt loads. I knwo that I don't 
like the really short ones in an emergency - as in evacs during our fires 
here, but otehrwise I love them

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I ordered my trailer!  If you were wondering the consensus of this whole trailer
issue.  The
results are in and the Oscar goes too....... No Slants and the Sundowner!  I
not believe the personal responses I got about Slants.  I thought the folks here
on RC would
love them and I'd get blasted for not likeing them, well I got over 100 emails
and only ONE
person from RC liked the slants.  You all made me feel very good about my

I also was really leaning to the Trail-Et, but you all made me take another look
at the Sundowner
and you were right again.  I loved the Sundowner  much better. It will be here
in 6-8 weeks.

I got a gooseneck 2 horse straight load.  It is 23 ft long.  I added a foot to
the dress/sleep area.
I will have an awning and I put in a window between the horses and the
dress/sleep area.  and
I added a 40 gal water tank that will be mounted under the goose part.


Thank you all very much!

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