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Re: Rabies

I am certqain that there ought to be a way to contact the local Health
Department or Animal Control Officer.

My husband, now retired, worked for the Health Department here in South
Carolina. When there was a suspected case of rabies, or an animal bite,
he was responsible, even on the weekends, to go check it out. That was
the one thing he had to be on call for 24 hours a day.Many a time I
would ride with him, and he would have the "animal head box" with
plastic bags, rubber gloves, and other pertinent tools.

Considering that Rabies is such a dangerous disease, SOMEONE IN YOUR
AREA CHOULD BE ON CALL. Keep trying until you get results.
(If you find someone to shoot it for you, do not damage the head,
because if the brain is damaged, there will be no way to test it.)
Lucie Hancock

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