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howards story

I am a little late to this story but I cried when I read the story as I
have been there but for different circumstances. I felt I should write
to try to say some thoughts I wish someone had said to me when I cried
all night by myself in the dark.
The greatest thing about endurance is that there is a truth that comes
from your soul about who you are, who your horse is and about you two as
a team. It is a truth that talked to you that night when you had to look
into your horses eyes and said to both of you that you screwed up and
your horse will pay with his life. It is a truth that knows how well you
trained- did you train with 100% of your attention and effort? No
excuses or cutting it short..Are you as prepared as you think? This
truth must be listened to because this sport will show you the truth if
you don't. This voice of your soul will battle with your voice of
ambition, which you found out can be a deafening roar in the ear.
Endurance is the balance of the two. Disaster is created when you can't
see the truth through your ambition. Strategy is your game plan based
this balance and you stick to it because it is reasonible goal for your
team. So...How did you get here, IMO. too many lds. Lds have an inherant
liability in that the horse and rider team are not out on the trail long
enough to find out if the strategy of the day was appropriate. The rider
does not have to pay for their mistakes. Remember intention + method =
results.Please do not go back and do this mistake twice for your horses
I must urge you to thank God  and your horse (you are still talking
right!) for this learning experience and get back on the trail with a
new perspective. Start by working back to doing 25-35 miles one day on
the weekends. Do the first one at a moderate pace for you and figure the
mph. Write in a diary the distance/speed/climb and any comments. When
your next ride comes around ride the ride at the speed midway between
your training speed and your beginning speed. Do not go faster ..slowwer
is ok . Never ride a ride at someone elses speed (faster or slower).
rebuild yourself and your horse and leave egos in the trailer. You are
only as good as you truly are on that day. Welcome to endurance riding
you have taken the first step toward being an educated rider..ride on
and don't back down.

Tinker Hart
#2107  6000+ miles
west region

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