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Re: RC: RE: exhausted horses CTR versus LD

Our CTR rules in FL are a little different, but similar to ECTRA's.  We
did away with the last 2 mile forward progress, but require a last 1/4
mile trot, then a 10 inute hold before doing a CRI and getting
metabolics checked at the finish.  I ride both End and CTR, and I have
noticed that the riders who spent a couple of seasons doing CTR seem to
have learned a little more about rating their horses.  Yes, endurance
can be easier if you want to go a little slower; our 25 mile time is
3:45 - 4:30.  The horses get a pretty thorough going over pre- and
post-ride.  We have been fortunate enough not to have any major crashes
in many years.  And I have seen vets do a CRI on a horse during a CTR.

Carol in FL (also waiting for a new baby)

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