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Re: Dance Line

Hi Cindy,  I had the exact same thoughts as you did.  I already knew that
my/our words would fall on deaf ears.  I have seen quite a few "Howards"
over the years.  I cringed when I read his words of racing too.
Unfortunately for Dance Line, Howards ego is not very nourishing  nor
hydrating to a tired horse.  I do hope that Dance is doing well and Howard
learned a tremendously gut wrenching yet important lesson.    Our motto " to
finish is to win " has a depth of meaning that can only come from experience
and common sense.  One can rarely  go wrong remembering those words as you
go down the trail.
    gesa n clovis n sky
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From: C Eyler <>
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Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 8:15 PM
Subject: RC: Dance Line

>I give Howard a lot of credit for writing about all that happened to Dance
>Line.  But I've been kicking myself, ever since I first heard that Dance
>gotten into trouble, for not saying something before the ride.
>When Howard talked about his plans, he said he wanted to race Angie, even
>only for one or two loops.  My gut reaction was:  "Are you out of your
>On your first 50 with this horse?  Have you learned nothing on Ridecamp?"
>But for some reason, this one time I kept my mouth shut.  And I regret it.
>Maybe it wouldn't have made any difference, but at least I'd know that I
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