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Re: RC: Re: Endurance/CTR

Claudia Provin wrote:

> I'm going to let my ignorance show--and ask y'all to enlighten me --  what's
> the difference between CTRs and endurance (and no, I don't get the magazines
> as yet).

Hi, Claudia:

I've ridden both.  The difference between Endurance and CTR (Competitive Trail
Rides) is that CTR is a timed event, not a race.  You have a specific amount of
time to complete the trail, you cannot stop forward motion at the 2 mile mark (2
miles remaining to camp), therefore you have to know how to rate your horse.
There is a half hour window of time that you must arrive at the finish line.  If
you are early, you lose 1 point for every minute you are early, if you are late,
you lose one point for every minute you are late.  Each rider starts out with
100 points.  Points are deducted for errors.  Rider is judged separately from
the horse.  In NATRC there are obstacles that the horse and rider must negotiate
and they are judged by a vet judge for the horse and a horsemanship judge for
the rider.  That's a simple, short explanation.  Endurance is or can be a race.
First to cross line with a sound horse wins.


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