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Re: Interval Training - Darrar

Hi Tom

Latest news is I'm going to back off training for a few days.  Did a 1 and a
half hour trail ride Tues and Wed am there was some swelling & heat in his
left front fetlock.  Trotted him up & he wasn't quite level.  The swelling
is wind-puff type swelling.  Don't know if this is from the sprints Sun or
the hard ground Tues or a combo of both.

Today (Thurs) the farrier came and checked out the foot - nothing there.
Swelling is now minimal and less heat after some anti-inflammatory cream.
Will keep him walking thru to middle of next week and take him to be scanned
next Fri (couldn't get an appointment before then) so I can make a decision
about the 90kms ride on 02/04 but I don't feel too positive about it right
now.  Don't want to jeopardise the ride in UK in May.

Definitely no more fast work on this track.  Have found a hill, a bit short
but pretty steep but its grass, but it means a trailer ride.  This might
mean restricting things to one track session & one hill session per week as
I've got limited time.

Re ulcers.  Darrar had an ulcer(s) diagnosed last year (thru blood testing)
and my vet recommended 10 days Maalox (250ml/day).  His coat and appetite
were much improved after this.

I've seen KER advertising something called Neighlox which must be similar
but probably more expensive, being more horses!

Hope this isn't too grey for you.........??


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