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Re: Death Visits Ridecamp


I'm glad that Dance is okay and agonized with you.

We've been doing well at 25-mile CTRs and I've been thinking
we could do a fifty, but I would feel much as you did if anything
happened to Meshack. It sounds like you did everything right
and  the weather was good for it..

I know Meshack would need more conditioning for a fifty, and 
I would ride it like a 25 (walk, trot, some canter) and not "race"
(as much as I can hold him back).

Without beating yourself to death, what would you do differently?
Did you do enough conditioning? Do you really think Arabs are
better suited for Endurance? 

I'm sure many of us would like to hear your thoughts.

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities) 
Secretary/Treasurer Vermont Arabian Horse Association

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