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Re: Fw: Re: Dance Line

read the quote again--you are completely missing the point..
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Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 9:21 PM
Subject: RC: Fw: Re: Dance Line

> That is admirable....but lets face reality....does anyone
> live by the credo???  I wish I could.  But I know there are
> some days that I force Phoenix to do things he doesn't want
> to do.  Am I a bad horse owner...don't think so.  Remember,
> it is all part of being the Alpha Mare.  We all make them do
> things they don't want to do...who are you kidding.  If a
> horse had a choice, do you think they would go out and do 50
> miles in less than a 12 hour period.  NOT.  It isn't in
> their nature.  The best we can do for these animals is take
> care of them, make sure their health is sufficient to deal
> with what we are asking.  We owe them that much.  And if
> they crash, we owe them the best vet care money can buy.  We
> have domisticated them, let us take care of them.
> Diane
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