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Re: Re: Dance Line

Even though it is YOUR  life, endurance riding is OUR sport.  When horses
are overridden, or have to be treated, or even die at rides, it is not only
the rider that is going to "live with the consequences",  it's everybody
involved in the sport (to a certain degree).  So, while I'll can't possibly
care less what you do with YOUR life, I am immeasurably concerned about the
welfare of our amazingly generous horses, and that of our sport.  
> From: diane knapper <>
> To: C Eyler <>;
> Subject: RC:  Re: Dance Line
> Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 8:49 PM
> I read Howard's conclusion after my e-mail, but maybe, I
> missed a second part???  It still didn't sound like he was
> racing.  And even if he was, no one deserves to hear what
> Tina wrote.  We all make mistakes in life...part of what
> makes life.  The problem is that our society has become so
> self=righteous that we feel we can condemn anyone and
> anything.  Do you remember the days when you could spank
> your child in the store for misbehavior and not get child
> welfare called?????  I do.  Maybe we need a little less
> interference from the self-righteous groups to get this
> country back into shape.
> OK, I've got my flame retardent suit on.  But come on folks,
> think about it.  Why does anyone have the right to tell me
> how to live my life?  Yes, if I'm beating my kids and my
> spouse, please call someone and stop it.  But, day to day
> living is not your decision it is mine.  Please do stop
> trying to tell me how I should be living my is
> mine.  I will live with the consequences...not you.
> Diane
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