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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #467

In a message dated 03/22/2000 7:02:33 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<<  why should I take a chance on
 > someone trying to take something away from me that I paid for and worked
 > damn hard to get ?
Drin, you hit the nail right on the head. So many of "these people" seem to 
think that if it's "in the country", private property isn't really private, 
it's just a state park without the restrictions. Until I put a fence up (it 
cost me half a year's pay, but it was worth it) I'd find teenaged punks 
riding their damned dirt bikes all over my pastures, total strangers stopping 
the car and letting their dogs run free  ("we like to see him stretch his 
legs, oh, sorry about your garbage can, why do you leave it where the dogs 
can knock it over?"), pick wildflowers to sell for an outrageous profit to 
the floral industry, dump their garbage, their unwanted dogs, their cat and 
all her kittens, or their junker car. And when I run them off (fervently 
wishing I'd thought to bring my shotgun) I get this "what a witch you are, I 
think I'll have my lawyer call you." (or worse, the teenage boys  call me 
things I never heard even after 21 years in the Army..and a week later my 
mailbox is smashed, AGAIN........)(and the Post Office gives me a warning to 
replace it within three days or they will stop delivering my mail)
Finally, the taxman thinks I make a million dollars since I am a 
"Landowner"...he says it the way that makes it sound as if I have a huge 
plantation and hundreds of slaves doing all the work...and he taxes me 
So there's times when I wish that the next quake that hits is a big one. It 
won't hurt me, much..I might lose  power, (but I have a nice big generator 
and lots of fuel) but hopefully the cities will get swallowed up.


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