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Re: RC: begging for help

Montie Schutz wrote:
> I wrote in to ride camp for the first time for help with my cribber
> only to get no response, no even a "sell him quick!". I was hoping
> with all the years of experience I am adressing at ridecamp someone
> would have some sugesstions. I would greatly appreciate any you may
> have , or that there isn't anything else I can do. Thank you for your
> time and consideration. Sincerely, Montie Schutz (member of gldra,
> adra, iaha)
It has been my experience that there is not much you can do with a
cribber. The cribbing action releases endorphines and the horse gets a
high from it. You can buy a type of muzzle that keeps them from getting
their teeth firmly fixed on anything, they can still drink but they
can't eat so you need to take it off during feeding time. Julie

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