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RE: begging for help

I have no experience with cribbers, but have you tried the commercially
available devices, like cribbing collars, "zappers," etc.?

Maybe because endurance horses are not pampered pets, but active working
animals, we have less percentage of cribbers and hence no replies.  This is
just a guess, I may be totally wrong.  I just felt kinda talkative today.


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From:	Montie Schutz []
Sent:	Wednesday, March 22, 2000 1:28 PM
To:	ridecamp
Subject:	RC:  begging for help

I wrote in to ride camp for the first time for help with my cribber only
to get no response, no even a "sell him quick!". I was hoping with all
the years of experience I am adressing at ridecamp someone would have
some sugesstions. I would greatly appreciate any you may have , or that
there isn't anything else I can do. Thank you for your time and
consideration. Sincerely, Montie Schutz (member of gldra, adra, iaha)

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