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Re: Horse Training HELP!

your horse is very young to be doing anything but very basic dressage -
rounding, reaching for the bit, easy lateral work, smooth transitions,
balance, moving forward freely, etc etc.  often the best place to learn
these things is going down the trail.  too often you see sour "dressage"
horses that aren't happy, hate their work, and don't have any other way of
showing their discomfort but misbehaving.  i would find a trainer that made
my horse and me feel confident and that helped us look forward to each ride
as FUN!  you might even try a little "cross training" in a hunter barn where
the horses are encouraged to move forward freely and round over gymnastics.
again remembering your horse is still very young to expect too much
physically (ie collection or jumping) at this point.

ofcourse, rule out any soundness/health problems, check tack, teeth,
worming, etc.

good luck!  jm

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