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Re: RC: Tying rope halters...

In a message dated 03/19/2000 3:17:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I know there must be some easy 
 answer but I sure can't get the damn thing to come out right.. I have two 
 different sets of instructions.... Anyone has a real clear cut method...

1) Bring the tip of the crown piece in through the loop from underneath to 
the foreground.
2) Take the tip toward the back of the horse
3) Put it under the halter and bring it toward the front of the horse.
4) Slip it under the crown piece, so that the tip is facing backwards and 

A pull on the halter tightens the crown piece over the tip part.  Mind you, 
the crown piece and tip are all part of the same section, but you have to 
think in parts in order to describe this procedure.


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