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Re: RC: Milk powder

In a message dated 3/20/00 5:19:05 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Any advice on feeding a livestock milk powder to keep weight on! My
 endurance partner got this advice from somewhere but the advisor has no
 endurance knowledge so he would like to know if it will be good or bad for
 his endurance mare. Let me just mention that htis mare HATES oil!!! he even
 tried syringing it down her throat and she refused to eat her next two meals
 (after taste?).
 Celeste (South Africa) >>

Smart horse! Milk powder has a nice amino acid array and might help, but I 
could think of a half dozen ways to go about gaining lean muscle mass that 
might be more effective--starting with higher carbohydrate (grain) intake 
cobined with dily exercise. If the horse doesn't eat, then look for ulcers 
and bad teeth, fix that, and then feed more grain. 


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