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Re: Tying rope halters...

Hi Jerri,

The instructions I used are here. I ended up tying it about 100 times. But
now I'm pretty good.  ;-)


I actually have Icelandics so had to figure where to shorten lengths. Also I
figured out a nice neat knot instead of the big ugly one they say to tie.
That also enabled me to shorten the biggest length. The directions did get a
bit vague towards the end but I finally figured it out!


PS  I burnt the counter top in my bathroom with a hot knife to melt the ends
of the rope. So I figure (not counting the countless hours I spent) the nice
halter only cost me several hundred dollars. Luckily I didn't burn the whole
house down!

> Hi
> Has anyone spent a real frustrating day trying to figure out how to tie a
> rope halter and still not succeeded.... I know there must be some easy
> answer but I sure can't get the damn thing to come out right.. I have two
> different sets of instructions.... Anyone has a real clear cut method...

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