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Re: Re: advice on clipping.. w-d 40

Hi everyone..
The best thing I have found for really snarled manes is CowBoy Magic
detangler. Works great on the broodmares who are left out in the pasture and
aren't combed out as often as they should be { several are head tossers
too }. It seems to last for about a week {estimation... w/o rain} and the
newer knots come out with out too much fuss or using much more detangler.
Puts a super shine and rally acts as a great conditioner, really soften ups
corse feeling manes and tails. The demineraliser works great too!


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>Absorbine Show Sheen makes a great detangler.  For those weird mane tangles
>that horses get from just shaking their heads, the ones that people usually
>consider so tangled that they cut the manes to get rid of them, just spray
>Show Sheen and wait a few minutes for it to soak in.  Then pick out the
>with a hoof pick and then comb.  Works great, but it does take a bit of
>and a lot of patience. These knots usually have twists in them, so it pays
>determine which way to turn them so they unwind.
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