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Re: RC: not endurance related...but horse related..sort of..

As far as horse professions go, I think Bazy Tankersley still has an 
apprentice program, I'm sure others know more about it. I keep toying with 
the idea of farrier work, but just trimming one horse kills me (why can't 
they support their own leg?!). I'm 31 and still don't have a 'career' , I 
clean houses to help support the human and horse family (good money in it, 
guess people don't like to clean their own toilets!). But life is good and my 
first ride of the season is 3 weeks away, watch out folks, I'm starting a 
fast one!

                                           Shelly(got to stock up on MSM and 
                                           Rashwan(so my head looks like a 
camel, you're no beauty queen either)

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