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Left Texas, Arrived Colorado:)

Denise Jenkins
Hi Everyone:)  For those of you who think I may have perished in the storm that hit Northern Texas, SouthEastern Oklahoma, on the day I decided to part company with Texas:) I made it up to Colorado and found out Rocky Mountain High was the place to be:) I am working, since last Wednesday, met some great endurance folks and I even snagged my Colorado drivers license already:)Wow, there are some awesome looking places to ride around here:)  Stephanie McCray has been coaxing me but just not ready to ride in snow, yet:)  I hope to do some crewing for Stephanie and probably some of the other folks I've met here in Colorado.  Cayenne is safe and warm in Oregon still and I plan to get him out here asap:)  Stephanie is AWESOME with horses and has offered to work with Cayenne(and especially me, bein as I am the REAL problem child here:)  Wow, her stallion is somthin else, and as far as that goes, her other horses too!  It seems to me, with my limited knowledge, a horses temperment sure has a lot to do with how they are raised and "trained".  I've been around horses but not many that I have seen with this kind of training!!  Anyway, enough braggin on Stephanie and her gift:)

So anyway, looks like the gypsy might be laying down some roots here and hope to talk with you all more now that I am settled for the most part:)  Thank you again for the letters of encouragement and the offers for places to come stay:)  Later, Denise Jenkins:)

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