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New foals

When we had our ranch in Elk Grove, Calif., for a while we had 100 broodmares....In the 1960's for the most part our mares foaled in the field.  There was lots of room, green was a relatively clean environment.  We didn't have a single case of navel ill. my place is much smaller...6 plus acres....and I've raised 5 foals here in 9 years.  The mare foals in a stall tho she has access to her pen....but that seems to be a time when she seeks shelter.
I have barn help and my pens are clean...but...pens harbor a lot more opportunity for infection.
I usually bring in a load of road base or sand just before the mare she is on a clean "floor" bedding. 
I am a real believer in the Miller imprint procedure...makes life easier for horses and people....and that first day when I'm handling foal, I fill a shot glass with Betadine or similar, and just dunk the navel a time or two.  I may do that for a day or so...and so far, have never had navel infection.
Sharon  Saare

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