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Re: RE: Re: Horse slaughter

>  You plug in all the tubes, you feed it drugs, you administer intravenous
>  feedings, you give it oxygen to help breathing, you do every thing except
>  let it die peacefully with respect.
>  Oh well, you are just being respectful and caring. >>
Well.   Thank God (and people) for Texas - again.    Here the person (when
still lucid) and/or the family if the patient is not lucid, can sign a Do
Not Resuscitate order to avoid "heroic measures" in hopeless cases, AND can
have all life support withdrawn in hopeless cases, with "comfort care
only" - which means that nothing will be done to prolong life, but the
patient will be kept comfortable and out of pain until passing away
peacefully, with as much dignity as possible.


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