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Fwd: RC: Beet Pulp

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<< My vet says it doesn't really even have to be 
 soaked. >>
no it doesn't but remember, it swells to several times its original size and 
weight when wet, either in the pan or the stomach. I am picturing what is 
happening in the stomach if it is fed dry in the same proportions - ouch! In 
the interests of both safety in this regard AND nutient balance, we combine 
bran and beet pulp pellets and soak them together. Lots of water - they 
almost need a straw to slurp it up!

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I mix the beet pulp with the other feeds and pour in the water.  Then I go 
feed the four horses near the barn area and load a bale and a half in my 
truck for the pasture horses.  This takes maybe 15 minutes or so.  Then I go 
get the buckets with the beet pulp and feed it.  We have been doing this for 
years with no bad results.  My vet says it doesn't really even have to be 
soaked.  Also, we have been using a beet pulp with molasses but to tell the 
truth, I do not know what brand it is..I will look tomorrow.....mb

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