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Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail

I just got off the phone with Harry Belin, president of
Potomac Heritage Partnership.  What they're about is the
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail Corridor -- building
a long distance trail system that is historic in nature, as
well as scenic and best of all:  multi-use non-motorized.

I received one of their newsletters a couple of weeks ago
and noticed an article about an upcoming event called the
Potomac Sojourn -- a non-stop, self-contained trip following
one of the proposed Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trails
(PHT) routes beginning in Pittsburgh, PA May 15, 2000 and
ending on National Trails Day, June 3, 2000 at the mouth of
the Potomac near Washington DC.  Total mileage will be 504
miles and in the information it mentions that "traveling the
trail will be non-motorized and will include hiking, biking,
in-line skating, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and rowing".
Yep -- no horses.  So I very politely inquired why and would
it be possible to add horses (particularly since one leg of
the trip is along the Washington and Old Dominion trail
(Leesburg, VA to Washington DC) which has a lovely bluestone
equestrian trail alongside the paved bike/ped trail.  I am
very excited to say that Harry is "thrilled" (his words)
that I got in touch with him and that the equestrian
community would like to be involved in not only this event
but in the development of this trail system.  I'm going to
get together a committee of equestrians (if you're in the
VA/MD area -- e-mail me!) to work on this, we'll be
represented on the PHP Trail Council to provide input on
trail development.  Specifically for the Potomac Sojourn
Harry would like to have a media event in Leesburg (on the
day of the W&OD trail walk/ride) featuring horses and their
role in trail recreation.

 One long term goal of the PHP is a long distance trail
through the Northern Neck (of the Potomac river
watershed) -- 80 to 100 miles point to point.  I asked if it
might be possible to one day host a competitive event on
this trail and he said "absolutely".  Wouldn't it be great??
A 100 mile point to point endurance ride!

 Please -- any of you in the Virginia/Maryland area, please
get in touch with me if you'd like to help.  Or if you're a
member of a club that could help.  Thanks!!!

 SusanB and Cricket

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