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Re: clipping

Renee wrote:

> Okay..horses grow long coats to keep warm in the winter, right??? well, if
you cut all of that off, they have nothing to keep warm  with....right???

Not one of your most profound statements, Renee.

> But, you can put a blanket on them...right???
> But what if you take the blanket off???   They would freeze their cabooses

Yes ducky but you only take blanket off when the horse is working, then you
put it back on again, so, in principle the horse won't get cold.

> I just don't see the point of clipping a horse..  I mean, personally, I
think they look much nicer when their coats are all slick and shiny.

Uh, slick & shiny with mud you mean.  Where do you live where horses keep so

> I know that during the winter they get all fluffy and not so sleek...but
who cares...

Have you ever tried conditioning a horse with a thick winter coat?  Have you
ever tried drying off a horse (on a freezing cold day) thats sweated heavily
because of his shiny slick winter coat?  Try it sometime and you'll see why
we clip competiton horses in winter!

SW France

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