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Clipping's side issue - Ticks!

One of the reasons we clipped was that the ticks around here have gone
crazy.  Standing in their paddock with blankets on, yesterday we took 5 or 6
ticks off each horse.  This was AFTER I hit them with bio spot and fly spray
on Sunday.  HEELLPPP!  Does anyone know how to get rid of these nasty
buggers?  I am used to checking for ticks after we go thru brush on rides,
but this is getting rediculous.  My poor boys have about 100 bites Each.
Some of them got infected under the winter hair and got downright nasty.
Clipping cleared that up, but I don't want them around at all.  Anybody have
any answers?

Alison Farrin
Innovative Pension Strategy & Design
858-451-9594 x 107

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