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Re: RC: horse slaughter

At 11:34 PM 3/15/00 -0500, Renee wrote:
In the end, it really comes down to what gives the owner a sense of closure.

The issue is not really about what's the "best way" to end a horse's life, but whether or not the ways that are available are the best possible for all involved - the horse as well as the human.  Wouldn't you agree that the horse should not suffer *more* in order to give the human a "sense of closure"?  The issue with sending a horse to slaughter is that for some horses (horses that are located far from a slaughterhouse) , that option is cause of additional suffering.  Is it a good thing for a horse to suffer for such an elusive thing as a human's "sense of closure"?  Some people would say the human's emotional state is more important than the horse's emotional or physical state.  Some say the opposite.  To me it seems that neither is 100% right. 

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