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Re: RC: And so it goes....

In a message dated 03/15/2000 10:26:04 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< BUT once in Oregon or Washington or Nevada or Montana or Idaho or New 
Mexico or Colorado or Wyoming the Californians bring the "let's change the 
laws" mentality after all it was illegal in California......and so it goes

Do you suppose that this phenomenon came about when other people who came to 
California, because it is beautiful and the weather so comparatively mild in 
much of the state, brought their mentality with them.  "Now we're in CA, 
we're out in the country where we long to be, but we want the conveniences of 
the city at our back doors, so we build those conveniences" and the country 
is now the city again. Along with the city come the laws to control the 
overwhelming population.  Admittedly, the majority wins, but the majority 
doesn't know how to live without all the civilized trappings.  You should 
hear the howls of indignation when the power goes off for three weeks during 
the winter storms and resulting damage.  Or the telephone.  And the relative 
newcomers see the degradation of this state by the overwhelming population, 
so they contrive rules that threaten the very livelihoods of so many (and 
consequently their lives, lifestyle, and peace of mind).  People whose 
famillies have lived in this state through several generations have managed 
to live with the land and protect it while using its resources prudently, but 
that doesn't seem to satisfy the newcomers who came here to escape from some 
other life.  We are now observing the results of too many people all wanting 
a piece of the pie. I've said enough.


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